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Mary Thompson Product Photography

Product photography

March 23, 2020 How many times has a great product photo enticed you to visit a website – right in the middle of your scroll through social media or the internet?  If you’re anything like me it happens when you least expect it, and usually when the image really catches your eye because it’s colourful, has a uniqueness,...
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Preschool Photography

Geelong Childcare Photography

February 19, 2020 Childcare photography is fun, hectic, full of smiles and rosy red cheeks.  It is about chasing children one minute and sitting quietly with them while they do a craft the next.  It is about photographing a child’s personality.  I get great satisfaction out of photos with a smile or glance from a shy child; or...
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Mary Thompson Event Photography Geelong

Event photography, Geelong Mums luncheon

July 20, 2019 When I was growing up my Mum would volunteer for Meals on Wheels and also the school canteen, and various other places; my Dad was part of the rural fire brigade and school council.  I grew up seeing this and without realizing it I have followed in their footsteps.  While over the years I have...
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Mary Thompson Family Portraits Geelong

What to wear – my family photo shoot

February 16, 2018 Have you had family photos taken? Did the photographer mention outfits and how to co-ordinate them? Want to know more… is how our family photo shoot went this Christmas. I started by looking in everyone’s wardrobes for outfits that went together, showed the wearers personality, and most importantly was not blue! The last 3 years...
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Mary Thompson Corporate Headshot Geelong

Ignite Psychology – corporate headshots

February 8, 2018 Danielle came to me for professional corporate headshots recently to promote her new business, Ignite Psychology. We’d spoken beforehand about a typical day in the life of Ignite Psychology so we both knew the kind of images that would best suit her needs for her website and future promotional material. To hear Danielle was “super...
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Mary Thompson Promotional Photography Geelong

Promotional Photography, Cabinet Bar Geelong

September 10, 2017 New to Geelong, in the rapidly growing Little Malop Street district is Cabinet Bar. Kath contacted me, as she required photos to promote her business. She wanted the photos to show the unique features of the bar and the types of food they serve. From the moment I walked into Cabinet bar I was surrounded...
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Mary Thompson Kinder Photography Geelong

Why I love kinder photography

August 15, 2017 Kinder is one of the rights of passage for children; it is that time before children start formal schooling where they get to play, make friends, sing songs and learn without knowing they are learning.   As such kinder photography is a really important way to capture all this wonder in print. This is why I...
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Mary Thompson Preschool Photography Geelong

Bush Kinder, Kindergarten photography

July 26, 2017 I had heard of bush kinder but today was the first day I was privileged to attend and photograph a session. Amazing! I grew up on a farm and bush kinder reminded me of exactly that. The children were playing in stick cubby houses, climbing trees, collecting seeds, using sticks for pretend play and running...
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Mary Thompson Commercial Photography Geelong

Professional photography for Just In Time Personal Training, Barwon Heads

July 20, 2017 Justin was looking for professional photography to update his website and social media content. Justin is relocating his business, Just In Time Personal Training from Melbourne to the Bellarine Peninsula and wanted to feature the beauty of Barwon Heads in the photos. We used an existing client for his model and photographed him working through...
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Mary Thompson Promotional Photography Geelong

Corporate photographer at Leopold Toy Library

May 9, 2017 Imagine a library that lends out toys instead of books! I know how great this concept is because I was a member when my children were younger. I was excited to work as a corporate photographer for Leopold Toy Library at their beautiful light filled location at the Leopold Hub. This session was all about...
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