Geelong Childcare Photography

February 19, 2020

Childcare photography is fun, hectic, full of smiles and rosy red cheeks.  It is about chasing children one minute and sitting quietly with them while they do a craft the next.  It is about photographing a child’s personality.  I get great satisfaction out of photos with a smile or glance from a shy child; or capturing a moment in time of a running child that is so full of energy that they can’t stay still for a minute.


One of the best texts I had last year was from a lovely mother whose son had ASD.  Her son did not normally talk to people, she was so happy he had interacted with me.  We had talked about what he liked as we explored the playground in a make-believe way, looking for an imaginary treasured item.  Within 10 minutes I had photos in the sandpit, on a climbing frame, and running around the play area.  Mum’s response when she got the photos back was; “OMG! Gorgeous…. now I’m crying…Thank you, beautiful!!”  This is why I love my crazy childcare photography job.  Mary Thompson Preschool Photography Geelong Mary Thompson Preschool Photography GeelongMary Thompson Preschool Photography Geelong