Why I love kinder photography

August 15, 2017

Kinder is one of the rights of passage for children; it is that time before children start formal schooling where they get to play, make friends, sing songs and learn without knowing they are learning.   As such kinder photography is a really important way to capture all this wonder in print.

This is why I love kinder photography; I feel privileged to photograph cheeky smiles, the shy looks, the tongue stuck out in concentration as a child draws a picture. I don’t just photograph the kinder children I enter into the imaginary play too. I have been given plenty of cups of ‘tea’, or been laughed at for suggesting the most improbable combinations of food at the kinder play kitchen. Seriously what kinder kid wouldn’t grin (or grimace) when you order a broccoli and jam sandwich!

I get to run around the playground, encourage kids to slide, climb, or swing until they touch the sky.

And all this I capture for the parents and children to keep as memories from their kinder years. The kinder photography I take is available for online ordering from the comfort of your home. Packages range from individual prints to traditional kinder albums (that we all received as kids), to 8×12 pages with multiple images and digital downloads. There is something for everyone.

Do you want to know more about my kinder photography then contact me for an in-depth quote?