Don’t say cheese – kindergarten photographer Geelong

February 27, 2017

What parents want to know about photo day?

Smiles: I saw this quote a while ago (I don’t remember where on the web) but I love it. “Cheese is a dairy product, not an expression!”

With me being a kinder photographer is about children relaxing and playing while I photograph them. For some photos I will photograph the children as they concentrate on playing, in others we chat and they often laugh. The smiles are genuine, I never ask a child to say cheese. I may ask a child to say something really silly to get a smile or laugh; it is the reaction I am after for the real smile. Some children are shy or more serious and that can also be reflected in their photos. I aim to capture who your child is.


Clothing: Some kindergartens love the children to all wear their kinder tops with the logo on it, others don’t mind what children wear. Just remember it is kinder, and as well as looking beautiful or funky your child also needs to be happy and able to play in the clothes they are wearing.


Hair: I love turning up to kindergartens and seeing all the boys with their spiked hair or cool fresh haircuts. The girls often have beautiful braids and ribbons. It looks lovely. From a kindergarten photographer point of view it is good if a child’s hair is not over their eyes, especially when it is a windy day outside.


Remember to let your child know that they can be themselves and that you are looking forward to seeing their portraits after photos day, and most importantly remember to pre-register so you can see the photos as soon as they are available online.


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