A new approach to preschool photography, Geelong

March 2, 2016

Welcome to a new approach to preschool photography.

I still offer the same friendly service; children are photographed by me while playing indoor and outdoor. My style is fun and relaxed to achieve natural photos of your child during their preschool day.

Now for the new part, parents can access their child’s preschool photography on a fantastic new online ordering system!

After registering parents will receive an email to tell them their photos are ready to order, they can login to view, order and pay for the photos they want.  There is a range of packages both digital and print based, and great value additional items that can be added to an order. Once ordered digital files are downloaded straight to a parent’s computer or phone. Parents are able to order each print in either colour or monochrome, and to crop photos to their liking.  They can order all different photos or multiples of their favorite photo to give to family.  They can even invite other family members to login to place their own orders.

The completed print packages are delivered to the preschool packaged, labelled and ready for staff to hand out to families.

As part of the preschool photography each staff member receives the group photos they are in. I also offer complimentary individual staff portraits.  And of course the preschool receives 10% commission on sales.

To discuss your preschool photography call 0433656400 or email mary@marythompson.com.au

To see more of my work please view my preschool photography portfolio.

Mary Thompson Preschool Photography GeelongMary Thompson Preschool Photography Geelong