While kids play; Kinder photography, Geelong

August 6, 2015

What did you do yesterday?

My day involved being chased by a pair of roaring dinosaurs, I had fairy dust blown at me to make my wish come true, I was shot by some ferocious pirates and surrounded by beautiful princesses.  Oh! and the day before I got to see volcanoes being built.  For snack I got the choice between strawberry, vanilla or chocolate ice-cream….um..I mean mud in a plastic bucket, served by the lovely cafe operator under the slide!

These are the things that make kinder photography a joy for me.  I get to interact with the kids and photograph them as they play.  This is what kinder photography is all about.

Did anyone else have that many adventures in one day?  Unless they are a kinder teacher of course!

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Mary Thompson Kindergarten Photography Geelong