Family Photo – what to wear?

August 13, 2015

One of the hardest things; apart from choosing your photographer is figuring out what to wear for your family photo.

Are all in white tops still in?

Are clothes with patterns okay?

Can my child wear a t-shirt with writing on it?

The simple answer is there are no rules…..but here are some suggestions that may help.

For natural outdoor photos think colour, fun and a little coordination. Pick one person; maybe the fussiest or hardest to buy clothes for, or maybe the person that has the perfect outfit already hanging in their wardrobe. Look at the colours in the outfit you have selected. Use the colours to create the rest of the families’ outfits. For example, a girls dress with white, green and yellow flowers could mean Dad wear jeans with a green shirt, a brother wears a yellow and white-checkered shirt. Then Mum could wear a dress or pants with white top and a coloured scarf or necklace to draw in the other colours.

When you have the major pieces of the outfits selected think about hints of colour…. think accessories. In a recent family photo the little girl wore red shoes and Mum had red beads for herself. Accessories are a great way to add colour and personality. The fun part of accessories is you can take some photos with them and some without; scarves, hats and necklaces are great for this.


When shopping for children’s clothes some shops; such as Pumpkin Patch, Country Road and even Target have themes for a season. You can get great outfits that are already coordinated for you by the shop.


Phew! The initial planning is done, now lay all the outfits out on a bed and stand back and see what you think. For extra assurance you can always use your phone to take a photo and send it to your family photographer for their feedback.


Remember the most important part is to be happy in what you are wearing, show your families personalities and have fun! Now time for that family photo……..

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