Eastern Cemetery Promotional photography

July 22, 2015

Eastern Cemetery Promotional photography

I have always had an interest in anything old, and historic gravestones fascinate me. I imagine what the person’s life was like back then; what did they look like? What did they achieve during their life?

Well I jumped at the chance to photograph for the Geelong Cemeteries Trust. The brief was promotional photography to advertise the themed interactive history tours at the Eastern Cemetery.

A group of actors from Drop Of a Hat Productions were the costumed interpreters for the promotional photography, and the upcoming tour. The actors led by Colin Mockett and Brian Eaton really know their history. This made for an educational and entertaining photo shoot. It was wonderful to learn about the pioneers of the Geelong area.

I am really looking forward to taking my family on this interesting tour. To find out more about the tour or to book a spot go to http://www.gct.net.au

View more of my promotional photography here or contact me for a quote.

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