Play based Kindergarten photography Geelong

June 3, 2015

Why is kindergarten photography play-based?

Kindergarten is an exciting time in a child’s life, and kindergarten photography is a really great way to capture the memories of this childhood time.

The posed headshot taken during school photos is a great record of how a child changes from one year to the next. In contrast kindergarten photography is a record of what your child loved doing during this one year!

Kindergarten photography is about a child climbing the A frame in the playground, dressing up in their favourite costume, painting a colourful picture, or driving trucks in the sandpit. These are the moments that are so fantastic to have from the kinder year. That last year of play base learning is captured for what it is – fun!

I love my Geelong based kindergarten photography business; there is nothing better than kneeling down to a child’s level and photographing them when they are being themselves and having a great time.

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Mary Thompson Kindergarten Photography Geelong