Commercial photography, Geelong

December 1, 2014 Mary Thompson Promotional Photography Geelong

Are you a new business trying to establish itself in the Geelong region? Then consider Mary Thompson Photographer for your commercial photography requirements. The way a business portrays itself to its customers forms an important part of its overall image and selling potential. Having a professional appearance can make all the difference. That’s where professional photography comes in.

Here’s just some of the ways professional photographers can make your business stand out from the crowd:

  1. Credibility
    Customers or clients can tell the difference between professional photography and the work of an amateur. Businesses that are willing to invest in a commercial photographer send the message that they’re willing to invest in their own brand and image, and therefore so should the customer.
  2. Make them stay
    You often have just the first few seconds to make the sale. That’s how long it takes to make an impression on a potential client before they move on from your website. To immediately draw potential clients into what you’re selling or the service you’re offering, the photography must look good.
  3. Referrals
    Using a professional photographer sharpens your image and makes your products look good, so it makes sense that more people will hear about you. With the expansion of social media and ease of sharing online content these days, you are more likely to appear in people’s news feeds and a good photograph helps sell you to potential clients.

Geelong’s Mary Thompson Photographer is the commercial photographer you should use, specialising in corporate headshots, event photography for businesses and promotional photography. Contact Mary to discuss how she can help position your brand the way you want to be seen, with the help of professional photographs.